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Enjoy natural, sustained energy with V3. This combination of healthful nutrients delivers a sustained, feel-good energy to exceed the day’s expectations.*


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End Your Energy Woes with High-End Energy*

Revitalize Your Daily Performance!

If you’re like most people, you’re looking for an energy boost to take on your daily tasks, improve overall performance, and say goodbye to constant fatigue. However, most energy products only provide short-lived energy with accompanying jitters and harsh crashes that do little to solve the problem. V3, however, contains proven ingredients that provide natural, sustained energy to help you conquer your day—every day!

Features & Benefits

Enjoy Natural, Sustained Energy: This combination of healthful nutrients delivers a sustained, feel-good energy to exceed the day’s expectations.*

Replenish Your Body: Constant stimulation from synthetic and harsh energy products can lead to fatigue. The healthful ingredients in V3 help replenish your body.*

Enhance Cognitive Performance: The timeless ingredients in V3 have been used for centuries to boost focus, concentration, and overall energy.*

Support Antioxidant Activity: Healthy cells are key to normal vitality and energy. V3 is blended with a combination of energy-boosting botanicals with powerful antioxidant properties to protect cells from free radical damage.*

Our Advanced Delivery Technology utilizes the power of enzymes for optimal nutrient delivery and absorption.*


Coconut Juice Powder: The closest element to human plasma, this nutrient-rich, low-calorie beverage contains naturally occurring electrolytes needed for hydration. It’s also rich in B vitamins and gives quick and lasting energy.*

Green Tea: Green tea is well-recognized for its powerful antioxidants and chlorophyll content, which are excellent energy enhancers.*

Maca: This root, which hails from Peru and other areas of South America, is known to boost energy and improve stamina.*

Adaptogenic Herb Blend: Contains key herbs Korean ginseng, holy basil, and maca. These herbs stimulate the body and brain and enhance energy levels. They also aid in cognitive function, immune activity, and stamina.*

How to Use

Mix 1 packet in 6–8 oz. of water.

Additional Info

SIZE 30 Servings

Customer Reviews

  5 out of 5
17 customer reviews

  More Energy   March 13, 2020
I use this daily and since then have reduced my caffeine intake. Love this product and the energy i get from it.

  No more jitters   March 13, 2020
V3 has been added to my daily routine for years. I love to start my day with it. Being a lash tech I have to be very detailed and V3 doesn't make me jittery like coffee often does. Life saver!

  V3 for the Hydration and Pep in my Step!   March 13, 2020
I'm an avid cyclist, and I struggle to stay hydrated and drink enough throughout the days. I love V3 for a couple reasons. First, I love the taste. So, that prompts me to drink it more often. Which actually helps me stay regularly hydrated. Secondly, it puts a little Pep in my Step, so I don't struggle with that mid afternoon crash that I use to suffer from. I drink V3 like some people drink Beer! By the Case!

  Energy/Mood   March 12, 2020
I use this when I've been on call overnight for work. As a nurse those can be long nights. It helps me make it thru the long. I have noticed it has helped me to be a little less cranky on those bad days. I like to mix V3 and Vslim. A coworker just got over Mono. She was still having fatigue and she tried the V3. She said she felt like she had a little more energy and was able to make it thru the day.

  V3   March 11, 2020
V3 is wonderful for increasing one's energy during a gym workout, a road race or just a walk on the park. Incredible hydration and mood enhancement are also wins for me!

Rebecca and Larry
  Adaptogen support   March 11, 2020
V-3 is my go to for physical support in times of stress. The adaptogens and energy support keep me level and able to continue my projects when I feel weary. Also helps my headaches when I’m dehydrated because I forget to drink water.

  All Day Energy   March 11, 2020
V3 has been a great new addition to my daily routine! Goodbye mid morning caffeine crash and hello consistent energy throughout my day! It's small packaging makes it easy to take on the go and tastes great!

  Coffee Who?   March 11, 2020
Thanks to this little packet of V3, I haven't needed coffee in five months, that's after twenty years of daily brewing. V3 is my go-to when i need a boost of energy, when im feeling crabby, and when i need to quench that thirsty-thirst. It taste like ripe strawberry with a hint of kiwi, and gets me back on my feet to finish the day with a good mood. My four kids also love V3 on those hot sunny play days, and its easy to take along and add to our water bottles.

  Energy   March 11, 2020
Wow what can I say I take this every morning to give me that extra boost of energy. I cant live without this

  V3   March 11, 2020
love this water additive....tastes great and I feel the difference it makes in my day. It is the candy I do not feel bad about having. Whenever I am feeling sluggish....one of these put me back into normal mode.

  Stopped Ice Coffee Addiction   March 11, 2020
My husband is addicted to ice coffees. We live in Canada and his Tim’s ice coffees are not only loaded with sugar and junk, but he was having 2-3 a day to stay awake. Once he started v3 he’s not only quit having ice coffee (with a good side affect of some weightloss not cause of v3 but because he quit the junk) but he has more energy through the day and his mood has increased. I call it his happy juice because it truly is. Such a great staple to have on hand all the time

  V-3   March 11, 2020
V-3 is one very special drink I will take daily... Hydration and boosting my energies along with my mood, WOW is my words for this product! My husband does 2 packs/drinks at separate times in the day, first thing in the morning and one at Lunch... It helps keep him hydrated with sustained energy through out the day, he's a happy guy!

  My must have V3   March 11, 2020
This is my go to daily for that extra boost & better mood naturally! Love the taste & the results!

  V3   March 10, 2020
I find V3 is awesome for re-hydration and energy especially mid afternoon.

  V3 is so amazing!   March 10, 2020
You can drink it later in the day to get a boost and still be able to sleep when your ready. Unlike other energy drinks you lay awake half the night regretting drinking it😊

  v3   March 10, 2020
I love this product. It makes me feel really good! Its not only an energy boost, but an ultimate confidence boost! love it!

  Feeling Great   March 1, 2020
I absolutely Love V3 in the Early Morning when getting my day started. Sometimes I just don't have the time to make coffee on the go, so I just pour in a packet of V3 in water and stay on the go all day until I feel the need for another V3 to keep my day going strong! Thanks For V3! Love It :)

Customer Questions

1 Answered Questions

June 11, 2020
Question: Does V3 have glucose in it or any kind of sugar
Answer: Yes, V3 contains 4 grams of sugar. V3 does not contain Sucralose.

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